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- [[*Brian%20Grant][Brian Grant (@bgrant0607)]]
- Andrew Sy Kim - VMware
- John Schnake - VMware (@jschnake)
- Claudiu Belu - Cloudbase Solutions (@claudiubelu)
- [[*Claudiu%20Belu][Claudiu Belu - Cloudbase Solutions (@claudiubelu)]]
- Steve Sloka
- Justin SB - Google
- Hippie Hacker (@hh)
#+TITLE: Sig Arch Conformance Meeting Notes
#+DATE: 2019-004-02
* Overview
- [[][Recorded Meeting]]
- [[][Meeting Notes]]
* Attendees
- [[*Timothy%20St.%20Clair][Timothy St. Clair - VMware (@timothysc)]]
- [[*Aaron%20Crickenberger][Aaron Crickenberger - Google (@spiffxp)]]
- [[*Jaice%20Singer%20DuMars][Jaice Singer DuMars - Google (@jdumars)]]
- [[*John%20Belamaric][John Belamaric - Google (@johnbelamaric)]]
- [[*Patrick%20Lang][Patrick Lang - MSFT (@patricklang)]]
- [[*Srini%20Brahmaroutu][Srini Brahmaroutu (@srbrahma)]]
- [[*Brian%20Grant][Brian Grant (@bgrant0607)]]
- [[*Quintin%20Hoole][Quinton Hoole - Huawei (@quinton-hoole)]]
- [[*Claudiu%20Belu][Claudiu Belu (@claudiubelu)
]]- Leah Hanson - Pivotal (@astrieanna)
- Brad Topol - IBM (@bradtopol)
- Craig Peters (@craiglpeters)
- Lubomir I. Ivanov - VMware (@neolit123)
- Andrew Sy Kim - VMware (@andrewsykim)
- Walter Fender - Google (@cheftako)
- John Schnake - VMware (@johnschnake)
- Kenichi Omichi - NEC (@oomici)
- Dhawal Yogesh Bhanushali (s@dbhanushali, g@imkin)
* Our Meeting Notes
//Note: This is not a transcription, as that is done in the meeting notes, linked within [[Overview]]. So I will only notate that which seems of interest to our work with APISnoop//
** New Windows Image
- Claudiu put in PR for an image for testing that is host agnostic, for testing DNS. It needed to be reviewed by mutiple people. Tim St. Clair and Belamaric volunteered.
** De-Promotion of Conformance tests
- Requires having same reviewers/approvers
- Haven't really removed tests much, but have removed content from tests when it was no longer appropriate.
- This came up because of the number of tests that are conformant, but not viable on windows.
- The speaker wanted to also look at 'privilaged access tests'
** E2E Proposal: PR #76007
- work being doen by globant, to write tests for these tcpSockets that are not curently covered.
- Curious on the prcoess for getting it accepted.
- Has to run through a few cycles, to make sure it is not flaky.
- Also wanted to know who to talk to review that they are well-written tests.
** Review Walkthroughs
- Worked back to front, from need approval to triage.
- Much of the work was just assigning people, and knowing who to assign.
- It was tough to find an ideal ticket to do the walkthrough as automation had not been done to assign tickets properly and better understand the process and such.
** Assigning Reviewers
- Do we have the info we need to assign reviewers to the need review?
- How do we loop in the new folks, and match to the technical understanding.
- Any of us should be able to pick up one of these and go to the right people.
* Zach's Takeaway
- Good question: 'How many conformance tests are privileged tests. What are the plans for them what can we do about them?" Can we use apisnoop to find this?
- This might have already been taken care of though.
- Review was a bit hard to track without the context for k8s, but interesting to see that there isn't an ingrained process for how to review/approve these. There are guidelines, but even those are being iterated upon.
- It seemed the biggest need for this group wasn't a look ato overall coverage, but help with the project board. Which makes sense why that became a part of our roadmap.
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ This is a kubernetes working group managing the architecture of kubernetes. The
- [[][Website]]
* Meetings
- 2019-03-26 Sig Arch Conformance
- [[][2019-03-26 Sig Arch Conformance]]
- 2019-04-02 Sig Arch Comformance
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- @srbrahma
- [[][github]]
** Claudiu Belu
- Cloudbase
- @bclau
- [[][github]]
* C
** Aaron Crickenberger
- @spiffxp
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- bgrant0607
- [[][twitter]]
- [[][github]]
* Hoole
** Quintin Hoole
- Huawei
- @quintinhoole
- [[][Github]]
* S
** Timothy St. Clair
- @timothysc
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