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#+TITLE: Conformance Board Review
#+AUTHOR: Devan Carpenter
#+DATE: 4th June, 2019
#+STARTUP: showeverything
Analysing the [[][Conformance WG Project Board]] to find useful patterns, and anti-patterns.
* Pull Requests
A large portion of the cards on the board are linked to Pull Requests.
There are a some common kinds of PR:
** Upgrade to Conformance
[[][Here is a good example of a Pull Request for promoting a test to Conformance]]
It would also be useful to create issues for tests which could/should get promoted to Conformance.
** Cleanup
[[][Example of a cleanup PR]]
** Failing Test
[[][Here is an example]]
* Appropriate Tagging
It appears to be relatively common to find PRs and issues which could use some additional tagging.
One that stands out is the tag "LinuxOnly". It appears that ther are not many eyes watching out for this, which sometimes slows things down.
[[][See here for an example.]]
* Issues and PRs Left Hanging
There are tickets and PRs which could simply use a bump to get some follow-up on.
[[][See issue #76433 for example.]]
* Organizing
At the time of writing there are 43 cards in the "To Triage" column. Appears to be a lack of work-bandwidth to get the cards in front of the right people, and get the flowing through the pipeline.
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