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#+TITLE: Pi Client
#+AUTHOR: Stephen Heywood
#+DATE: 11 December, 2019
* Overview
This document will cover the process of setting up and Raspberry Pi 4 that will boot it's operating system from the network without needing any SD card.
* Initial Boot Process
The [[][Raspberry Pi website]] lists in full the details on how a Raspberry Pi 4 boots. The keys points that we are interested in are shown in the diagram below.
By checking the ~BOOT_ORDER~ setting the Pi will decide what boot modes it will use and in what order. These boot modes are stored as a 32bit unsigned integer.
0x0 NONE
Using the following command will confirm the current boot modes. Within the list of other options, ~BOOT_ORDER=0x1~ is the default configuration to boot via a SD card.
#+begin_src shell :eval never
vcgencmd bootloader_config
To setup the Raspberry Pi to boot from the network we will be using the config option ~BOOT_ORDER=0x21~. This configuration will cause the Pi to first boot from a SD card if present, if not then to boot from the network.
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