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......@@ -425,3 +425,33 @@ zpool list
The /FREE/ column should be close to the size of the external drive.
** Snapshot client folder
Let's create a snapshot before we create extra clients connection points
#+begin_src shell :eval never
sudo zfs snapshot nfs/client1@now
** Create extra clients
Repeat the following for as many clients as required.
#+begin_src shell :eval never
sudo zfs clone nfs/client1@now nfs/client2
* Update client /etc
We need to update the hostname for each client so the DHCP server will register the name for every Pi.
#+begin_src shell :eval never
sudo vi /nfs/client2/etc/hostname
Update the hostname reference with the IP
#+begin_src shell :eval never
sudo vi /nfs/client2/etc/hosts
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