Forest of Plenty


We have some photos that might be fun.

Sustainable Backyards Event Sunday March 15th was a Success!

Hippie gave over 10 tours from noon to 5pm to over a 100 people.

The 160 square meter community space and two acre's of collaborative food forest and used to incubate cross-culture community were an inspiration to all.

Special Interest Groups are welcome to express interest in using the space to hh@ii.coop

The Forest of Plenty

The Forest of Plenty (FoP) is a part of ii Limited, an international software cooperative specialising in the design and development of automated and continuous integration software.

This land where the FoP is located (Tauranga, New Zealand) will be a test bed for new software and hardware that will help monitor soil, seed, plant, and tree development. Any area where software or hardware could be developed to help automate the care, growth, and monitoring of the property is of great interest. These ideas may become world leading technology to help automate food production, minimise food wastage or spoiling, and make it easier to grow high quality produce for all who source the open technology. This technology will contribute to mitigating the food shortages around the world by being adaptable to different climates, soil compositions, altitudes, and reducing possible produce spoilage from unforeseen draughts and storms.

This is an exciting opportunity for the community to have its fingerprint on world changing software development. These developments and beta testing could impact millions of people around the world, help the planet through reducing commercial fertiliser use, increase environmental diversities, and encourage the return of flourishing ecosystems.

The FoP is working towards entering the world of the Open Seed Source Initiative (OSSI). OSSI has three interconnected objectives. First, OSSI is a new way to save and exchange seed that ensures the seed will remain free of patents, licenses, and other restrictions on freedom to use. This method of exchange involves commitment to an open source seed Pledge. Second, OSSI maintains a list of crop varieties that have been pledged as “freed seed” and provides a link to sources of seed for those varieties. Third, OSSI works to raise awareness of the importance of keeping seeds unencumbered from legal restrictions and free to be used, shared, saved, bred, and sold.

OSSI also helps to maintain a diverse ecosystem of plants and produce that all have individual benefits and requirements. This helps to stop the ever tightening circle around what seeds are commercially available to the public through the control enforced by a few world wide companies.

Below is the current design plans for the Forest of Plenty (FoP). There have been a few updates in regards to how the layout of the features are positioned and some planting position changes. These will be added as individual tickets in regards to each amendment under the milestone:



The features are laid out a bit finer in the following:

perspectives Design_Perspectives.pdf

We have over 20 key areas around the Forest of Plenty.